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GSoC 2009 wrap up

by Lee

We've been a bit busy. Time for Thousand Parsec's wrap up for GSoC 2009.

Overall, GSoC went well, and lots of exciting work was done. We have a working webclient, a 3D battle viewer, big improvements to the main client, big improvements to the main server, MTSec ruleset working, and big improvements to the secondary python protocol library.

Individual project details are below, in no particular order.

tpclient-pywx improvements

Greywhind worked on improvements to tpclient-pywx. This include tp04 media parameter support, resource overlay updates for tp04, download threading fixes and improvements, design window now works correctly, much nicer object properties window and orders window. Some of the improvements involved changes to libtpclient-py and libtpproto-py.

See Greywhind's final report in his blog for more

3D battleviewer

Landon has done an awesome job on creating a 3D battleviewer. It has all sorts of cool effects, including firing and explosions.

There are screenshots on Landon's blog and, more appropriately, a video of the battleviewer on YouTube.


The MTSec ruleset in tpserver-cpp wasn't much more than stubs before GSoC. Alanp spent his time making it into a proper working game. This includes much design and component work, importing them from XML file.

Alanp has a more details in his final report on MTSec in his blog.


tote developed a webclient for Thousand Parsec, which me was able to get it working enought to play Minisec. This included log in and out, star/planet map, orders, messages and object details. Very impressive.


libtpproto2-py is a different python implementation of the TP protocol, its most significant feature is that the protocol objects are generated from the XML description of protocol. cherez made a number of significant improvements to the library, including updating it for parameter groups and TP04. He also developed an extensive unit test suite for the library.

tpserver-cpp refactoring

This was a big project and epyon worked hard to refactor tpserver-cpp to make it more maintainable. This gives a smaller core to tpserver-cpp, using more boost and STL, and hopefully setting up other improvements in future such as ASIO.

Parsek client update

A bonus, thanks to the KDE project. mhilmi worked on updating Parsek to use the latest (pre-release) version of libtpproto-cpp. This flushed out a few bugs in the library, and greatly improved the Parsek client. It is certainly a lot closer to being usable, including the new libtpproto-cpp asynchronous support.

Screenshots and more info about Parsek are available on mhilmi's blog.

The future

Most of the code changes made this year in GSoC have been merged to the mainline of the various code modules. We are actively working on merging the others. Just about all will be included in the next release versions of the various components.

Google has annouced Summer of Code for 2010. We are intending to apply again as mentoring organisation, so now is a good time to get involved (as is any time).

Posted: 2010-02-13-1529