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Stand on the shoulders of giants, students wanted!

by Mithro

As you probably read from my previous post, Thousand Parsec had quite a successful Summer of Code last year. Unlike previous years, where we have concentrated on getting new stuff developed, this year we have decided to concentrate on building on the work of our previous years students. This is a great way to learn that important skill of working on other people's code.

With the deadline looming, some of the ideas on our ideas page have already had lots of attention, but there are a number of ideas which have yet to have any applications. I would like to point out these ideas because we think they are very important and have a good chance to be accepted!

Some of the most important ideas have to deal with our coolest looking last Summer of Code project last year, Eugene Tan's new 3d client.

  • Adding single player support to the 3d client.

    As mentioned here we have just release single player support in our 2d client. We would like to see this extended to support our other major client.

    Most of the code for this support is in the libtpclient-py support library that is already shared between both the 3d and 2d clients, so it should be significantly easier then Ezod's own task.

  • Create a "Simple 3d ship designer".

    Spore has shown us that it is possible to give people non-professional 3d artists, the ability to create cool looking models. With a little bit of prefabed art work and some easy transforms, even programmers don't have to be scared anymore.

    We would like to see a similar ability added to Thousand Parsec. It can be developed as part of the 3d client or as a stand alone program.

Another project we think is really important, is to continue the efforts to improve single player support. These include,

  • Adding support for saving and restoring games.

    Having to play a complete game in one sitting is a real pain, specially since some of the Thousand Parsec games can requires many hours to play. The jist of this idea would be to add save/load support found in most game types.

    This would require adding saving/loading support to a number of back end projects like our primary server (tpserver-cpp) and daneel-ai.

  • Adding support for single player "scenario" mode.

    In some ways, this is related to the previous idea but a little simpler. This would be similar to the "missions" you get in other normal games.

    An example would be something like "King Unorganised has run our intergalactic empire into the ground, we have put you in charge of restoring us to our former glory."

  • Extending single player support to include "set up your own multiplayer game".

    Single player support has also paved the way towards adding support for simple wizard set up of games to be played with friends. Much of the procedure is the same and we already have an auto-discovery process created.

Getting started with the single player development should be very easy, it only takes 6 commands!

 git clone git://
 git clone git://
 git clone git://
 cd tpserver-cpp; ./; ./configure; make; cd..
 cd tpclient-pywx

If you are interested, I suggest that you jump on IRC and chat with our wonderful bunch of mentors. It is also recommended that you put in an application (even if only a draft) as soon as possible, as we are happy to help you with your application and provide feedback.

Posted: 2009-04-02-1200