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TPServer-cpp 0.6.2 released.

by Lee

Hot on the heals of 0.6.1 comes 0.6.2 release of tpserver-cpp. The main reason for this release is to update the single player support files which changed since the last release. Single player client, etc are coming real soon now. Also in the release are the quickstart conf files, shave support (nice build messages), and clearer TurnTimers split out into separate ones, basic, players finished and threshold timers. 14 patches by 3 people. 47 files changed, 3363 insertions, 1480 deletions (thanks libltdl update).

TPServer-cpp 0.6.2 is on the downloads page and will be on our SF downloads page soon. The GIT repo is tpserver-cpp (branch master) and the tag is TPSERVER_CPP_0_6_2. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Posted: 2009-03-31-1959