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Thousand Parsec a mentor project for Google Summer of Code 2009

by JLP

After successfully participating in the previous two Summer of Code programs, Thousand Parsec is happy to announce that we will be participating again. In previous years we have had a huge amount of success, with 8 students participating last year.

To all the interested students we suggest to take a look at our Google Summer of Code Wiki page. There you should find the ideas list and all the needed information on how to go about preparing the best possible application for your project. We highly suggest you get in contact with Thousand Parsec community as soon as possible. so we can help you with your proposal. You can find us on #tp IRC channel on, on tp-devel mailing list or on our forum for GSoC 2009. The sooner we meet, the better for all of us.

So, no waiting, let's get brainstorming on how to make the best 4X strategy games in the free galaxy.

Posted: 2009-03-19-0020