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Libtpproto-cpp 0.1.9 technology preview released.

by Lee

This release of libtpproto-cpp is really to allow tpadmin-cpp (which uses the library) to be built without having to get the source code out of git.

Having said that, this release is a preview of what libtpproto-cpp 0.2.0 will look like. The biggest different is interaction with the library is now asynchronous, using boost::signals for callbacks. The library now requires the client using it provides an EventLoop object that the library can use to look after sockets and timers (or the client can use the SimpleEventLoop provided). Also new is the start of support for TP04. The major things missing from this release are Order, Messages and ObjectParameters. The 0.2.0 release will occur when these components are in place.

Libtpproto-cpp 0.1.9 is on the downloads page and will be on our SF downloads page soon. The GIT repo is libtppproto-cpp (branch master) and the tag is LIBTPPROTO_CPP_0_1_9. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Posted: 2009-01-22-1335