1.1 What is Thousand Parsec?

Thousand Parsec is a framework to build turn based space empire building game. You can find out more information on the Getting Started page.

1.2 Is Thousand Parsec related to Parsec?

No. They are completely different games.

1.3 On which operating system can I play Thousand Parsec?

This depends on the client you are using to play the game. Thousand Parsec is a free and open source project so clients can be made for any operating system. Currently the most usable client is wxPython based client (tpclient-pywx). It is known to run on GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

1.4 Can I only make/build/play turn based space strategy games?

While this is was we are primarily working on, other genre of turn based games might be possible. Have a look at the protocol document to see if it would capture your design. Note that there is still a lot of procotol development, and we are still adding concepts.

3.1 I found a bug!

Please report the bug using the Google Code issue tracker.. If you don't think you can use the bug tracker just send an email to the mailing lists or post on the forums.

Telling us on IRC will increase the likelyhood of the bug getting forgotten!

3.2 Nothing happens when a new turn starts

When a new turn starts the new status of the game is only computed on the server. This new state of the game is currently not automatically downloaded by Thousand Parsec client. To update the status you need to select the command Download the Universe from the File menu.

3.3 Where can I find a server?

The best place to start looking is the metaserver. It keeps an uptodate list of all the currently active public servers.

You can also try downloading and running your own server.

4.1 How can I contact you?

You have a choice of 3 options, you can email us on the mailing lists. You can post to the forums or you can join us on IRC.

If you want to contract the founders, email Tim or Lee.